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Thursday 27 Oct 2016
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K&C Fisheries Global Pty Ltd COMPANY PROFILE

Owners and founders Keith and Catey Bell

Keith was born and has lived all his life in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. After leaving school in 1970 at the age of 17 Keith went to Lakes Entrance Victoria, Australia and worked on a Ocean fishing trawler for a period of 12 months (Thank you Fonga). Through the work on this vessel Keith came back on shore with a tremendous amount of skills, knowledge and drive. Within days of returning home in Stratford, Victoria, Australia Keith began a Bait supply store for recreational fishers. Whilst operating that store Keith obtained a commercial fishing license for harvesting table fish (Bream, Mullet, Flathead Etc.) from the Gippsland lakes in Victoria, Australia.  

In 1973 the store was sold and Keith concentrated on fishing only.  

In 1975 whilst on a Boy Scout training course Keith meet his know wife and partner Cate.

In 1984 Keith and Cate decided to let go of all their other licenses and base their business on Carp exclusively. 

Keith & Cate Bell founded K & C Fisheries Pty Ltd in 1984 and set up their business in Invictus Crt, Sale Victoria, Australia. K & C Fisheries Pty Ltd achieved their first Carp export order in 1998. The order was for 400 tons of scaled trunks to go to Poland. To achieve this K & C Fisheries Had to harvest 740 Tons of Carp.

In 1998 with the advent of other developments and ventures, and their export orders increasing, K & C Fisheries Global Pty Ltd was commenced.

In 2007 they moved their processing, research and aquaculture factory and it is now located at 76 Somerton Park Rd, Cobains, 3851, Victoria, Australia.  

K&C Fisheries Global Pty Ltd Export registered Establishment No 3435 is now also located at 76 Somerton park Rd Cobains, 3851, Vitoria, Australia and holds Food Processing Accreditation with the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS), and is licensed for Carp export processing, EU licensed for export and Kosher Accreditation.



Keith has over 40 years experience in the fishing industry and has worked exclusively in the Carp Fishery industry for the past 27 years. This has led to him being recognized as an expert in his field and regularly sought to provide consultant services worldwide and presentations at conferences both in Australia and overseas.

Cate was born and lived in Melbourne until meeting Keith and moving to Gippsland in 1975. Cate has been directly involved in the business since its inception, is an accredited Food Safety Auditor specializing in the Seafood industry.

K&C Fisheries Global Pty Ltd is one of the largest Carp harvesting and processing companies in the Southern Hemisphere, with processing targets in excess of 1000 tons of Carp per annum. Exporting 70% of its product to Europe and the Middle East and 30% of product sold to the domestic market. The Carp is processed as a quality raw material for other companies to value add to.

K&C Fisheries Global Pty Ltd operates under a permit system in Victorian inland waters and under government license in New South Wales utilizing seine fishing, electro-fishing and specialist traps dependant on location and fishing conditions.

The company currently employs 3 full time staff and 4 part time staff.

K & C Fisheries Global Pty Ltd has an infrastructure investment of $3,100,000, including the factory, 8 vessels up to 10.5mtrs, 5 road vehicles including a specialist crane truck, a mobile freezer and other specialist machinery and nets (designed and manufactured by K & C Fisheries Global Pty Ltd Research & Development Department).

In 2004 K&C Fisheries built an innovative state of the art Aquaculture Development Centre. The Centre has specialist breeding tanks and controlled atmospheres. The design and manufacture of the breeding tanks are a direct result of 30 years industry experience, strategic planning, research and development undertaken by Keith Bell of K & C Fisheries Global Pty Ltd.


K&C Fisheries have obtained the following Awards Achievements:

  • 1999 Gippsland Business Awards - Finalist Export Category
  • 2003 Federation Health Gippsland Business Awards - Finalist & Winner Environment & Sustainable Business Practice Category
  • 2003 Federation Health Gippsland Business Awards - Finalist & Winner Manufacture/Export Category
  • 2004 Federation Health Gippsland Business Awards - Finalist & Winner Environment & Sustainable Business Practice Category
  • 2004 Federation Health Gippsland Business Awards - Finalist Manufacture/Export Category
  • 2004 Victoria State Government Science Awards, The Hugh McKay Innovators Award - Finalist
  • 2005 10th Annual Rabobank Agribusiness Awards For Excellence - Finalist

Despite its reputation in Australia, internationally, Carp is the highest consumed fish, with consumption per annum in China of 1.23million tons, Poland 80,000 tons and Israel 40,000 tons.

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